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Many ask, can a beginner make money with trading?

The answer is; yes you can make money with trading, whether it is in stock trading, futures trading, forex trading, crypto trading, or any other instrument, it mainly depends on the strategy you follow and how strictly you follow its rules.

Successful Trading Strategies

Trend Based Strateg

Turtles Trading System

The Turtles' System

One of the successful trading strategies is what is known as the turtles' system, which was founded by the famous trading guru Richart Dennis in the early 80s of the last century, it is a trend-based strategy and was taught to a group of people as an experiment by Mr. Richart Dennis. more

Value Based Strategy

Warren Buffett Trading Princibles

Warren Buffett Princibles

Value investing involves selecting stocks whose share price is trading below its intrinsic value or book value. This signals that the market is currently undervaluing the stock and that the stock will rise in the future. more

Socks Ticker Machine

What is a Tick

The origin of the name tick and how it is measured. What is a tick?
Tranding instruments

Comparison of trading instruments

A comparison of futures, options, stocks, bonds, indeces, forex, and crypto trading Comparison of trading instruments
Average True Range

Why ATR is important

volatility is a key factor in determining position size and stop loss points. The importance of volatility measuring